About Us

About us

Dorsch Home is a family owned company dedicated to provide superior quality kitchenware to local and international markets including Europe, South America, Australia and Middle East with headquarter in Copenhagen. Since 2013, the company produced cookware that are combination of elegant appearance, robust, sustainable and environmentally friendly material for affordable prices.
At Dorsch Home we focus on important aspects such as innovation, design, and technology while offering our customers with unique kitchen products made from the finest materials that comply with the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (TUV).
Dorsch Home today is well-known for their popular pots and pans that are manufactured in cast aluminum and high-quality ceramic coating at competitive prices. Our wide range of products attend to our customers’ overall needs in the kitchen which offers them a healthier lifestyle that includes pressure cookers, bakeware, knives, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Our Vision

To become the leading cookware for all your cooking needs focusing on sustainability, environment, and healthy cooking.

Our Mission

To provide customers with a healthy and joyful cooking experience with innovative and top of the line cookware.